If you are looking for Alex Crosby, MD (Doctor of Medicine), you have reached the wrong site.
If you’re looking for Alex Crosby, MD (Music Director), you found me!

This site is currently under construction. In the meantime, if you'd like to chat, write me at alexandracrosb@gmail.com (no "y")!


A little bit about me:


I’m a music director, pianist, and conductor. I have experience music directing for cruise ships (book musicals & guest entertainers/show bands), educational theatre (middle and high school), and regional and summer stock theatre. I’m also available as a pianist/vocalist for corporate gigs & special events (weddings, piano bars, party bands).


I'm passionate about helping artists grow their confidence & joy in performing, and cultivating rehearsal/performance spaces that are grounded in community, inclusion, fun, and hard work.


I am fully vaccinated and currently based in Orlando, FL. I'm available to travel domestically/internationally for work. I have a valid U.S. passport, Spanish/EU passport, and seaman’s book.

Most recently, I was the music director for the cruise line premiere of Six the Musical. Here's a video from our closing night, pre-pandemic: